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Lawn Maintenance

A great looking lawn is a hard thing to achieve. As it is, it takes a dedicated team of landscape professionals and comprehensive lawn maintenance efforts to really have a stunning lawn, be it on a residential property or on a commercial space.

Here at Four Seasons Lawn Care, we know how important it is for property owners to have a lawn that is always looking well taken care of. This is why we have been offering lawn maintenance services that cover every aspect of caring for and beautifying lawns regardless of their size.

Our Lawn Maintenance Services

Lawn Maintenance

We offer professional lawn care and maintenance services to Columbus property owners as well as to property owners from nearby cities. Our lawn maintenance packages provide great benefits that every client will surely appreciate.

We handle landscape maintenance, plant and tree fertilization, and weed control, among others. Additionally, clients like you can also enjoy the following lawn maintenance services:

  • Mowing. Among the first things that most people notice in any property is the turf. As it is, guests could easily spot lawns with overgrown turf, which is obviously a sign of neglect on the part of the property owner. In this regard, clients who lack the spare time to mow their own lawns should just call us and we’ll take care of the mowing for them.

  • Trimming and pruning. We can trim or prune trees to make them look absolutely stunning and keep accidents caused by broken branches at bay. Doing so will also ensure that the trees will get the sunlight that they need to stay healthy and will ensure that air circulation in and around the trees is at a desired level. We can also trim bushes to make your lawn totally interesting and pleasant to look at.

  • Leaf removal. We know how frustrating it could be to see your lawn with piles of dried or fallen leaves. Why bother yourself cleaning your lawn when you can just dial our number and ask for our professional help? When you call us, we will immediately dispatch a team of trusted staff to remove the scattered leaves in your lawn so it will be looking great anew.

    Lawn Maintenance
  • Sodding. While sodding can be a DIY job, it should nevertheless be best left for the professionals like us to handle. With our extensive experience in installing sods, we can finish the job fast and efficiently with great results.

  • Check up of irrigation. One way of ensuring that your plants, trees, shrubs, and vines will stay nourished is by having a fully working irrigation system. Over time, however, your irrigation may malfunction without you even knowing about it until it gets too late to fix the issue. Accordingly, we can schedule periodic check-up and even perform repairs to your irrigation system to ensure that it’s 100 percent functional.

  • Mulching. Mulching is one great way of keeping plants and trees healthy, while at the same time making the lawn look great with the various mulches that come in different colors.

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For any of your lawn maintenance needs, always make it a point to contact Four Seasons Lawn Care. Our company can provide you with professional services at rates that you can afford. With our years of experience beautifying lawns and rendering expert maintenance assistance, you can look forward to a lawn that is not only safe and functional, but most importantly, a thing of beauty to behold.

We provide services for the Columbus, Ga & surrounding areas.