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How To Choose The Perfect Irrigation System For Your Lawn

Irrigation System, Columbus, GA Water use issues might affect your landscaping adversely and it’s why you need to be prudent with the type of irrigation system you choose. Determining the precise amount of water your plants and lawns require might take a lot of work. With an irrigation system installed by experts like us at Four Seasons Lawn Care, you can avoid over/under-watering.

Installing sprinklers and hoses strategically around your property is part of an irrigation system designed to water your landscaping exactly where required. It will keep your grass green and your plants and shrubs thriving.

Things to Consider While Choosing an Irrigation System

When selecting an irrigation system, there are several things to take into consideration, including:

  • Size and Variety of Plantings on The Lawn - The size of your irrigation system and the number of sprinkler heads you need will depend on how many plants you have and how big your yard is.

  • Patterns of Local Rainfall - When setting up and operating an irrigation system, the average rainfall in the area is a crucial factor. You want your sprinklers to run sparingly during a wet season as excess water will flood the landscape, harming your plants.

  • Water Alternatives Are Currently Available - A few different types of water can feed your irrigation system. Potable water is expensive for irrigation, and availability will be limited during a drought. Utilizing water from a well or neighboring pond could be cheaper, although it involves pumping.

  • The Type of Soil - You'll need to irrigate your landscaping in different ways depending on the type of soil it's grown in.

Types of Irrigation Systems

Today's market offers a huge variety of irrigation systems, including:

  • Hose-End Sprinklers - This kind of irrigation system is the most basic. It's just a hose with a sprinkler head on the end of it that you could move about your garden or lawn. If your yard is smaller or needs to water specific areas, go for a hose-end sprinkler system.

  • In-Ground Sprinklers - The pipes that supply water to the sprinkler heads are buried in the ground in this type of system. In-ground systems can evenly water your landscape, which makes them more complicated than hose-end sprinklers but more effective.

  • Drip Irrigation – This is among the most often used varieties of irrigation systems. Water is conserved by getting the water right to the roots of the plants. Also, highly effective drip irrigation can irrigate a single plant or a collection of plants in hanging baskets and pots.

Maintaining the irrigation system will ensure that it keeps operating correctly and that your grass remains healthy and green throughout the season. For more information on choosing the perfect irrigation system, connect with Four Seasons Lawn Care through this Online Form, or speak with our experts at 706-221-7602, and we will get back to you shortly.