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Landscaping Services

Landscaping, Columbus, GA

Here at Four Seasons Lawn Care we offer our clients throughout greater Columbus, GA, and Phenix City, AL, the following services:

Commercial Lawn Care

We offer a tailored suite of commercial lawn care services that are thoughtfully designed to enhance the appeal and professionalism of your business surroundings. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our work. We understand the significance of a well-maintained lawn for businesses. Our team provides meticulous lawn care services, from expert mowing and precise edging to strategic fertilization, to ensure your commercial property always boasts an impeccable exterior. With a focus on year-round care, we offer comprehensive services that encompass seasonal cleanups, leaf removal, and proactive measures against pests and diseases. Our commitment is to ensure your commercial property remains inviting and safe throughout the changing seasons. Recognizing that every commercial property is unique, we tailor our services to your needs. We take pride in delivering personalized care that aligns with your goals, creating an outdoor space that reflects your business's dedication to quality. We provide outstanding results while keeping your budget in check. Our cost-effective pricing ensures you receive unmatched value for our premium services Read More About Commercial Lawn Care >>

Residential Lawn Care

We offer customized and convenient residential lawn care services designed to breathe life into your unique outdoor space. Our commitment to tailored care means your lawn receives what it needs to thrive, enhancing its vitality and aesthetic charm. With regular assessments and vigilant monitoring, we ensure your lawn's health is continually improved, guaranteeing a pristine appearance year-round. Scheduling our services is hassle-free, aligning with your convenience. We believe that superior residential lawn care should be accessible to all homeowners, so we deliver excellence without compromising affordability. With our dedicated team by your side, your lawn will not only elevate curb appeal. Still, it will also become a picturesque haven for your outdoor experiences, enhancing your residential property's overall allure and value. Let us transform your lawn into a flourishing masterpiece that enriches your outdoor living experience. Our team works with you to meet your specific requirements in keeping your outdoor spaces healthy and always looking great. Read More About Residential Lawn Care >>

Landscape Design

One of the most important steps in any landscaping project is without doubt the landscape design step. If you get the design right you are more likely to have the landscape you have always envisioned. That is why we offer our clients premium landscape design services. Our designers will ensure that your space is used to its fullest potential and creates the outdoor space that you really want! Read More About Landscape Design >>

Landscape Installation

Once you have the design phase taken care of you will want professional landscape installation services. We have a team of highly trained and experienced landscapers ready to take on your next landscaping project. No job is too small or too large for us. Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly staff members today and we will get you on the road to a beautiful, functional and practical landscape setting! Read More About Landscape Installation >>

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is one of our specialties. We have all the knowledge, equipment and time to ensure your lawns are maintained well. Don’t spend all of your free time trying to get your lawns in tip top shape; let us take care of it all for you, while you spend your spare time doping the things that you really enjoy! We will work with you to put together a plan of regular maintenance visits that will see your lawns looking their best all year round. Read More About Lawn Maintenance >>

Fertilization & Weed Control

Apart from mowing and trimming edges on a regular basis, there is a lot more that some lawns will need in order to stay looking healthy. Two of those elements may involve the use of chemical treatments for fertilization and weed control purposes. Our landscapers have all the knowledge to know exactly what and when your lawns need such treatments. So why not contact us today and we will come out to your property and assess what it may need to get it back to a luscious green lawn! Read More About Fertilization & Weed Control >>

Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

One of the major elements that go into making a lawn beautifully green and healthy looking if of course water! But it does really only need certain amounts of water at the right times of the day to be most beneficial. So how can you achieve this without having to tend to your lawns all the time with such a busy schedule? The answer is an irrigation or sprinkler system. With the right type of system installed for your property, your lawns will be watered automatically at the right times of the day and with the right amounts of water! Read More About Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems >>

Land Clearing

Land clearing is a significant part of most home renovation projects. It's crucial to contact a company like us if you're a property owner or handling a specific task. Our team will remove all utilities, masonry structures, and plants at cost-effective prices. Forest mulching/Mastication is another service where we get rid of all trees, shrubs, and vegetation in the area, and it is another critical part of land clearing. Our team will eliminate obsolete or damaged structures in commercial properties or other such dwellings. We have all the necessary heavy equipment to tackle such projects safely and efficiently. Our fleet of vehicles can transport all the waste from the site, so the space is clean and clear. We understand that each property is different, so we will first evaluate what it needs and bring in the correct equipment and tools to perform the land clearing effectively and safely. Read More About Land Clearing >>

Sod Installation

Although many property owners enjoy having a grassy lawn on their properties, very few want to wait weeks or months for the grass to mature. Furthermore, they want easy-to-maintain yards and prompt lawn restoration in case it sustains any damage. We provide clients with high quality sod installation solutions. Sod is pre-grown grass that's available in squares or sheets. We get the sod from local nurseries and our seasoned experts install it professionally once they prep the ground. If you want a quick lawn on your property, sod is the way to go. It isn't as susceptible to weed development, as the grass is already grown. These various aspects combined make sod an excellent substitute for seeded lawns. Therefore, most residential, and commercial property owners now opt for them. Various types of sod are available in the market, so our team will provide you with detailed information on each of them. Read More About Sod Installation >>