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Lawn Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance, Midland, GA

A landscape is a great addition to your outdoor area as it provides a place for your senses to be uplifted almost instantly. But for you to continuously reap the benefits of a beautiful outdoors, landscape maintenance must be done.

However, not every homeowner in Georgia has the time to clean and maintain his or her garden and outdoor features. This is why Four Seasons Lawn Care dedicated itself to providing the services that will keep landscapes beautiful and functional. So just leave the tedious landscape maintenance tasks to us and focus on what matters most to you.

Planted Sections

Flowering plants, trees, shrubs, and grass requires maintenance. We offer various services to make sure that your plants stay healthy and visually appealing, like lawn mowing, pruning, trimming, weed control, leaf removal, as well as fertilization.

Water Features

Water features can become a breeding ground for insects and can also become very odorous if not maintained properly. We can clean small structures like fountains, bird baths, or waterfalls, as well as larger types such as pools and ponds. Our hardworking team will make sure molds and mildew are removed and water is properly treated or replaced.

Concrete Areas

Most landscapes have pavements, walkways, and decks. Concrete features such as these are prone to cracks, discolorations, and dirt. We offer paver cleaning and sealing services to revive the original beauty of your outdoor flooring. If it has cracks or gaps, we’ll seal it. If it shows too many signs of usage, we’ll restore it. If it is filled with dirt, grime, or moss, we’ll clean it. Whatever needs to be done, we’ll have it covered.

Installations, Repairs, and Replacements

Landscape Maintenance, Fortson, GA

We also install outdoor lighting, drainage, and irrigation systems to further enhance the beauty and function of your landscape. For existing features such as these, we have expert repairmen and electricians to handle any trouble you might have. We conduct thorough checks to make sure everything works great. In case some parts are found to be defective or dangerous, we can immediately replace them to make sure they function safely again.

Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance Plan

We understand how difficult it is to find time to take care of your landscape. To spare you from having to call us every time you need any of our cleanup services, why not take advantage of the comprehensive landscape maintenance plan that we offer?

With this plan, you won’t have to worry about your outdoor area ever again. We will provide the various maintenance tasks you require the whole year round. We will take care of your plants, whether they are perennials, annuals, or biennials plus we will clean your surroundings regularly.

Landscape Maintenance, Ft Mitchell, AL

Aside from these, we will check all elements within your landscape to make sure everything is working as they should.

Reliable and Dependable Landscape Maintenance

Four Seasons Lawn Care has been in this business for years and we have no plans of slowing down or bringing our service from best to good. When it comes to landscape maintenance, we are driven to go beyond your expectations.

Need more information on the landscape maintenance services or plans that we offer? We would love to discuss them with you. Give us a call today. If convenient for you, we invite you to come visit us at our office in Columbus, Georgia to personally tell us your maintenance needs.