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Landscaping On a Budget

Landscaping, Columbus, GA The living area on your property extends beyond your house's rooms. You may enhance and adorn your yard with some smart landscaping. Even better, we at Four Seasons Lawn Care think that improving your property's curb appeal does not have to be expensive.

With these budget commercial and residential landscaping ideas, you can stretch your dollar to cover many outdoor areas.

Add Mulch to Beds or Refresh The Outdoors

Mulch provides aesthetic interest to any yard at a reasonable cost. The average you will spend for three cubic yards of supplied and laid mulch is approximately $300. However, you can save money by doing it on your own. For smaller areas, mulching will cost less than $4 per bag, which may suffice to create an impact.

Enhance Edging Around The Patio Space

Adding a landscape buffer to an existing patio can increase its aesthetic effect while reducing the amount of grass area you're responsible for watering. The cheapest alternative is to dig a trench around the existing patio and cover it with mulch. One notch up from it are landscaping stones that will give a more sophisticated touch. The additional advantage is that you won’t need to replace it as often as mulch.

Plant Perennials for Year-Round Delight

The charm of perennial plants and flowers is that you can buy them once and enjoy them yearly. Although planting blooming flowers or seedlings involves initial expense, choosing perennial species can provide you with many beautiful alternatives in almost any environment. Many perennial plant species can expand over time to occupy an additional area, which could be a terrific way to add a splash of color.

Plant Native Plants

Spending some time studying the plants local to your region will enable you to save money while also benefiting the environment. The main reason is that native plants are inherently compatible with your area's rainfall, so you will not have to spend much money watering them. According to the US Department of Agriculture, various native plants reduce the need for fertilizer, help avoids erosion, and preserve the local environment in balance.

Design a Xeriscape

For anybody trying to reduce their water consumption, xeriscaping is an appealing landscaping alternative. Create xeriscaping designs that include several hardscaping components yet are a one-time investment that does not need the care that softscaping elements entail. Mulch, sand, concrete, landscaping rock, and even water features are suggested xeriscaping items.

Contact a skilled landscaper for input and ideas for a budget-friendly landscape that requires less upkeep. Lower ownership cost also means you end ups spending far less than you would for an elaborate landscape filled with exotic plantings.

Get in touch with Four Seasons Lawn Care through this Online Form for more details about residential and commercial landscaping on a budget. You can also call us at 706-221-7602, and one of our team members will contact you soon. We work closely with our clients, so they get the kind of solutions that work best for them.