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Landscape Design

Landscape Design, Columbus GA

Property owners who are aiming for a truly stand out property should hire the services of a certified landscape design professional. And here at Four Seasons Lawn Care, we have a dedicated team of designers who can effectively incorporate your specific design preferences with their own design ideas. Our designers are noted for their sensible use of design elements that seamlessly fuse functionality, safety, and beauty. We have worked on dozens of successful projects before and we’re more than confident that we can do the same for you.

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Various Landscape Themes You can Choose from

When it comes to landscape design, it’s always important to have several choices. Fortunately, we have been providing our residential and commercial clients with beautiful design options that they pick or have some tweaks done.

Specifically, these are the theme options that our clients can pick from:

Landscape Design, Ft Mitchell, AL
  • European. Clients who fancy having an authentic looking European landscape would surely be delighted at our wonderful European-inspired theme. We can create cobblestone pathways, handsome Italian-inspired patios and courtyards, and artistically pruned shrubbery.

  • Japanese. A Japanese-inspired garden is an all-time favorite and many of our clients prefer this theme because of its close ties with nature. We can plant authentic Japanese bamboos, install koi ponds, and even create a replica of a Japanese home in your property.

  • Modern. If you prefer a modern, avant garde look for your landscape, then we can create a minimalist yet contemporary styled design for you. From modern furniture pieces to hardscapes and water features that suggest a modern lifestyle, we will ensure that your landscape will show how updated you are with the most modern and current landscape design trends.

  • Mediterranean/tropical. If you love the beaches of Bali or the tourist spots of Greece and Morocco, then you’ll surely love our Mediterranean and tropical inspired theme. We can recreate the look and feel of a French resort or a Balinese tropical retreat to fully satisfy your design tastes and delight your friends and guests.

Landscape Design, Ellerslie, GA

Please note that we can also work on other design themes that may not be mentioned here. If you want a particular theme for your landscape, please feel free to tell us and we’ll gladly accommodate you.

Why Hire Us?

Our landscape design service has been proven by countless clients in Columbus and surrounding areas nearby areas such as Ft. Benning, Midland, Upatoi, Lagrange, Phenix City, Al, and Auburn, Al,. In fact, we are among Georgia's most preferred landscaping companies. With several years of experience designing landscapes for numerous commercial and residential property owners, we can say that we have perfected our craft.