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Benefits of Weed Control and Fertilization

Weed Control & Fertilization, Columbus, GA

As a result of rapid urbanization, the topsoil in the region has been disturbed, reducing the nutrients required to support and maintain good plant life. Inadequate soil quality and weed growth result in yellowing foliage and unhealthy-looking plants and trees. It's why fertilizer applications and weed control are required to mitigate its effects. Weed control and fertilization treatments must work in tandem to safeguard and enhance your property's outdoor areas.

Fertilization Services

Plants, lawns, and trees require adequate nutrients to grow rapidly and healthily. However, it is essential to remember that fertilization isn't a set-and-forget effort. Different varieties of plants require fertilizers of varying types and levels. Credible landscapers often advocate for organic fertilizers because they are natural and have fewer adverse environmental consequences. They use synthetic fertilizers only as a last resort.

Seasoned professionals understand that adequate fertilizing begins with soil testing. They tailor their advice to the findings of your soil test. For instance, they will apply a fertilizer with a higher phosphorous concentration if your soil is deficient in this element. An experienced crew understands where to use it to maximize your plants' benefits. Fertilization is often performed in the fall and winter every four to six weeks to guarantee efficiency.

The Importance of Weed Control

No matter how well-maintained your landscape is, it is nevertheless susceptible to the most tenacious of all plants—weeds. These invasive plants need removal because they compete for water, sunshine, space, and nutrients with your plants. Regrettably, some weeds are tough to eradicate and can grow faster than plants, making physical removal nearly impossible, particularly in large landscapes.

When left unchecked, these weeds will overrun your plants and may even pose a threat to your children and pets. Numerous types of weeds have been discovered to possess harmful chemicals. Some have prickly blades that can irritate the skin and create sores, while others have gorgeous but dangerous fruits that your children may eat accidentally.

It's why some people opt for pesticides to eradicate those bothersome weeds. However, improper use of these substances may damage plants, humans, and the environment. To achieve the best results, contact professionals to handle the weed control work for you.

Call Skilled Professionals for Weed Control

The appropriate herbicide is determined by the type of weeds present in your area. Horticulturists and highly skilled personnel can identify and apply the proper herbicides to perennial and annual grasses. Herbicides for broadleaf herbs, vines, and woody plants are all different. These are only a few of the most often used weed management methods in landscapes. Natural weed management methods like mulching and groundcover installation, mowing, hand-pulling, and adequate hydration may also be used by the specialists.

We work extremely hard to provide you with lush and attractive landscapes through our comprehensive fertilization and weed control methods. For additional information on residential and commercial weed control and fertilization services, call Four Seasons Lawn Care at 706-221-7602 or send us an email via this Online Form, and we will get back to your shortly.