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Residential and Commercial Landscape Design Tips

Landscape Design Tips, Columbus, GA Designing or altering the landscaped areas of your residential or commercial property is an excellent way to increase its value and create a more inviting atmosphere. Whether your objective is to boost the curb appeal of the space by reimagining your yard space, designing a backyard to spend time with friends and family, or creating a space to entertain guests, several aspects must be taken into consideration first. At Four Seasons Lawn Care we handle all types of residential and commercial landscape design projects. Here are some tips from our team.

Residential Landscaping Tips

Before starting your residential landscaping project, you need to understand precisely what you want. Here are a few helpful tips you can follow while designing the landscape on your residential property:

  • Identify What You Need – One of the most crucial aspects of designing the landscape on your property is to determine what it is you want. Whether it's a play area for the kids, a place to spend time with your family, or an area to grow your vegetables, you need to identify what you need out of this space. Having a rough idea of where to place certain features is an excellent way to start.

  • Consider The Theme – A set theme is an excellent way to unify various aspects of the landscape. Furthermore, it can help with plant and material selection. Although you can create simple themes by utilizing consistent forms and shapes throughout the landscape, you can take it a step further by creating a relaxation area.

  • Spend Some Time in Your Landscape – Making decisions hastily can result in designing something you don't fully appreciate. Before creating your landscape, consider spending some time in it. This will give you a better understanding of where certain features will look best.

Commercial Landscape Design Tips

Creating well-designed landscapes for commercial properties ensures the business appears professional, respectable, and welcoming. Here are a few valuable tips for commercial landscape design:

  • Design A Blueprint for The Landscape – Before starting with your commercial landscaping project, consider designing a blueprint first. This way, you create an ideal work environment. You can include various components like check-ups, design ideas, and schedules.

  • Highlight The Architecture – Although there isn't a wrong way to design a landscape, as a commercial property, your primary objective should be to create something that feels welcoming, giving clients, visitors, or potential customers a reason to stay. A highly effective way you can achieve this is by seamlessly blending your landscape with the architectural design of your property.

  • Incorporate Clear Walkways/Pathways – Walkways are one of the most noticeable features of any commercial property. They are crucial as they help guide people to specific areas within your property. Therefore, you should aim to design clear pathways. The lack of a well-defined path makes your landscape appear unprofessional and repellent.

  • Accentuate Colors – Emphasizing colors is another highly-effective landscaping trick. This is particularly true if your landscape has vibrant vegetation and flowers. Including them in the overall landscape design will help create a more welcoming atmosphere for your business.

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