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Fertilization & Weed Control

As a consequence of rapid urbanization in Georgia and other states, the topsoil has been disturbed, minimizing its nutrients that are needed to support and maintain healthy plant life. Poor soil quality coupled with the proliferation of weeds lead to yellowish leaves and unhealthy looking plants and trees. Therefore, fertilization and weed control is necessary to combat its effects. These two services must go hand in hand to protect and beautify your property.

Fertilization is the Key to a Healthy Landscape

Fertilization, Midland, GA

To ensure rapid and healthy growth, plants, turf, and trees need proper nutrients. However, be aware that fertilization is not a one-size-fits-all process. Different types of plants need different types and concentrations of fertilizers. We at Four Seasons Lawn Care generally promote the use organic fertilizers as they are more natural and do not have adverse effects on the environment. We only use synthetic fertilizers as our last option.

We know that proper fertilization starts with soil testing. We pattern our recommendation according to your soil’s test results. For example, we’ll use a fertilizer with larger concentrations of phosphorous if that is what your soil lacks. Our workers know where to apply it so that it will be more beneficial to your plants.

We usually do fertilization in fall and winter with intervals of four to six weeks to ensure its effectiveness. And since we’re just a stone’s throw away from your Columbus home, we can check your landscape from time to time so that we’ll know if we have to continue applying fertilizer or not.

Weed Control Maintains the Beauty of your Landscape

No matter how much you take care of your landscape, it is still prone to the most resilient of all plants—the weeds. These unwanted plants must be removed because they compete with your plants for water, sunlight, space and nutrients. Unfortunately, some weeds are very hard to remove and even grow faster than plants that their manual removal is almost impossible, especially in huge landscapes.

Weed Control, Ft Mitchell, AL

When left unattended, these weeds can outgrow your plants and even pose danger to your kids and pets. There are several species of weeds that have been found to contain toxic substances. Some have thorny blades that may cause skin irritation and wounds while others have very attractive but poisonous fruits, which your children might accidentally eat.

This is the reason why some homeowners choose to use herbicides to kill those pesky weeds. Sadly, incorrect use of these chemicals may be harmful to the plants, to your health, and to the environment as well. For best results, hire experts to do the weed control job for you.

When Weeds Attack, Call the Weed Busters

The proper herbicide depends upon the types of weeds that are present in your landscape. Our horticulturists and highly experienced workers can identify them and use the right herbicides: Clopyralid for broadleaf weeds and knotweeds; Fluazifop-p-butyl and Glyphosate for annual and perennial grasses; and Picloram for broadleaf herbs, vines and woody plants. These are just some of the common weed control solution.

We also do natural weed control methods like applying mulch and groundcovers, hand-pulling, mowing, and proper hydration.

Four Seasons Lawn Care and You: Partners for Life

To us, you are our partners. As such, we strive to give you the best services possible—from using the most advanced tools and equipment to choosing the best fertilizers and herbicides. We work really hard to give you lush and beautiful landscapes through our effective fertilization and weed control methods.

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