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Irrigation & Sprinkler Systems

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Columbus is not the only area in the state where precipitation is a problem. The erratic weather condition is already a big factor why most homeowners or commercial landscape owners install a reliable irrigation system in their landscape or property.

What is Landscape Irrigation?

Landscape irrigation is primarily used for maintaining lawns, gardens, and other softscape elements in the landscapes. It ensures that water is spread efficiently throughout the landscape. The type of watering system will depend on several factors, such as the relative size of the lawn, geographical location, underground utilities, and environmental regulations present in your zone. The type of plants and grass is also one of the determining factors in considering your ideal sprinklers and watering system.

Types of Watering System for Landscaping

Although there are several irrigation systems, not all of them can be used in landscaping. The four common types used in landscapes are the following:

  • Drip irrigation. The most cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to sprinkler system. It targets the root area of plants and trees

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  • Mobile system. The most preferred watering system suitable for ornamental garden and lawn. This system uses standard garden hose and consumer grade water sprinklers.

  • Overhead landscape irrigation. Ideal for flower garden and lawn. This system does not affect the overall appearance of the landscape design. Inexpensive tubing can be used and installed overhead and the system can be controlled by a timer.

  • Underground irrigation. One of the most popular systems in landscaping. This system consists of pop-up sprinklers with automatic timers, making this system as one of the most expensive for lawns and flower gardens.

Please note that it is ideal for any watering system to not automatically turn-on during times of adequate precipitation to help conserve water. We will ensure just that to save you money.

Types of Sprinklers

Sprinkler Systems and Irrigation, Waverly Hall, GA

Sprinklers are very popular when it comes to landscape irrigation because of their efficiency and wider coverage. Some of the common sprinkler heads for landscapes are the following:

  • Fixed spray heads. They are small sprinkler heads that spray a fan shaped pattern of water with interchangeable nozzle head.

  • Rotor spray. This operates by sprinkling rotating streams of water. It moves back and forth firing jet of water operated by gear driven rotor.

  • Rotary nozzle. Rotary nozzle is a miniature nozzle driven by a small turbine mechanism with almost the same size as the standard nozzle of spray type sprinkler.

Four Seasons Lawn Care can help you choose and create the most suitable watering system for your landscape. We have the expertise in installing any type of sprinkler head and other accessories that will make your system work properly and efficiently for a long time.

Reliable Installers of Irrigation and Sprinkler Systems

Why choose Four Seasons Lawn Care for your landscape irrigation project? First, our people are highly trained on designing and installing this kind of structure in the landscape. We don’t just install the system; we also educate our clients to consider cost, environmental factors, and available resources. We can also work on commercial projects anywhere in Columbus and in nearby cities in the state of Georgia.

If you are looking for a reliable company that can design and build efficient landscape watering system, contact Four Seasons Lawn Care today.