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Land Clearing

Land Clearing, Columbus, GA Every landscaping project requires a flat and clear area for construction and softscape installation. Although some contractors can work around sloping or poorly graded ground, doing so is incredibly unsafe and can damage your landscape if you hire inexperienced workers. The ground must be leveled out and unobstructed if you wish to build something on your property.

Local Land Clearing Company

You then need to hire the services of well-established and reputed professionals to clear the areas efficiently. Once the property's outdoor space is ready, homeowners often want to install lawns, as they significantly add to the visual appeal of the room. If you need the overgrown areas on your newly purchased property cleared or want to remove unwanted trees and bushes on your existing property, Four Seasons Lawn Care provides superior land clearing solutions for property owners in Columbus, Georgia, and its surrounding areas.

Land Clearing Process

When you buy land to build either a commercial or a residential property, the trees and vegetation in the area must be cleared out. The project can begin once that is out of the way. We provide clients with specialized landscape clearing solutions and can tackle projects regardless of scale or complexity.

As an operator with years of industry experience, we have the skill, knowledge, and expertise to handle such jobs as per industry standards. Land clearing is a risky undertaking and is particularly true when dealing with mature trees. Here's a brief look at the process we follow:

  • Firstly, our team will arrive, carry out a thorough assessment, and then map out the land. We need a clear understanding of all obstacles we might face during the process. Mapping out the entire area and marking every rock, tree, or other installation makes the process easier.

  • Besides, we also closely look at the surrounding areas to determine whether there are properties or other installations close to any tall trees. This is to ensure nothing suffers damage during the tree removal process. Our team will set a boundary around the entire property. We don't accidentally make our way towards your neighbor's land.

  • Once the land is correctly marked and we know what must be done, we conduct a run-through with our client. At times, clients wish to preserve certain trees on the land. Our team will consider that once the project commences.

  • Once the land is surveyed, we determine the type of equipment needed for land clearing and then plan the entire project.

Modern Land Clearing Equipment

We utilize the latest tools and equipment in all our projects. This includes mulching machines, bobcats, wheelbarrows, and chainsaws. Furthermore, we are an eco-conscious business and recycle everything we possibly can. Our team will then cart away the remaining waste to landfills for disposal.

We follow a systematic approach while clearing out weeds, brush, grass, and other plantings. This way, you get a clean slate to carry out installation for your landscape. For more information on our sod installation services, get in touch with Four Seasons Lawn Care at 706-221-7602 or fill in this Online Form, and we will get back to you shortly.